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Keurig K200 Review

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Keurig K200 Review

As you may know already, Keurig makes some of the best coffee makers available on the market. They are appreciated for the quality, rich features and plenty more advantages. As such, we had to test and provide Keurig K200 review. It is simply the most popular unit at the moment and it comes with all you are going to need. But, let’s see the main features and the advantages.

Features of Keurig K200

Touchscreen display

The display on this unit is a touchscreen, so the navigation is easier than ever before and it isn’t time-consuming. We liked the fact this, affordable model comes with an advantage such this one, so we must say that it is an advantage you will like.

Sadly, the display is black and white which may be an issue for some of you. It is still well-made and high-quality module, but for today’s standards, it is obsolete.

Strength control

This coffee maker comes with a strength control feature. Basically, it is a simple feature that allows for you to adjust the strength of your coffee within seconds. All you have to do is to adjust the strength level and coffee will be just right. We must add that this is an important feature and it makes a difference between a low-end and a professional coffee maker.

Available in different colors

As we all know, coffee makers do come in two colors only. Most of them are black and the other half is white. Most users these days want a coffee maker that stands out from the crowd. As such, the Keurig K200 is available in black, pearl silver and strawberry colors. We tested all of them and we are satisfied with the overall design and the look. Now you can have a unit which will blend-in with your kitchen perfectly.

Small size

The size of the tested unit is 15 x 9 x 13.7 inches. Some of you already know the main point here. Small or better said the compact design is the huge trend nowadays and it is a game changer. Basically, users get small and compact coffee makers that occupy as little space as needed, but they are still powerful and come with all the features you are going to need. We are proud to say that the tested model is one of them.

More than 500 different beverages

K-cup and K-carafe are just two possibilities here. In general, the Keurig K200 offers you the ability to enjoy more than 500 different beverages. It supports over 60 different pod makers so you can always find a beverage that suits you the best, at that particular moment.

Without saying, this makes the coffee maker great due to the fact you can easily find capsules you are planning to use. Also, most of you will appreciate the endless possibilities here and you will want to try as many beverages as possible.

9 brew sizes

Probably one of the most important advantages is the number of brew sizes this unit offers. There are 9 of them and it means that each user can get the size he prefers. Choosing the desirable one is as easy as it gets and you won’t even have to read the user manual.

Charcoal filter

You may know that the filtration on coffee makers is usually a forgotten or overseen feature. In this case scenario, we must point out that the Keurig K200 comes with a charcoal filter of the latest generation. It is excellent for filtration water and it offers the best results. We know, we tested and compared it with several alternatives. This filter is the most efficient of them all.


  • Manufacturer: Keurig
  • Model: K200
  • Color: Black
  • Water reservoir: 40 ounces
  • Brew sizes: 9
  • Filter: Charcoal
  • User interface: Touchscreen display
  • Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 13.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Material: Plastics


  • Excellent value for money
  • 9 brew sizes
  • Charcoal filter
  • Compact design
  • Modern and appealing
  • Touchscreen display


  • Black and white display
  • Small water reservoir

Should I buy it?

Our Keurig K200 review is ended and now we must answer the biggest question of them all. Should you buy this coffee maker? The answer is yes if you are looking for a great combination of the price and features. The unit is well-made, offers all the features an average user will ever need and it is still reasonably affordable. In a nutshell, you will get a coffee you like at any given moment and there are countless possibilities to try new beverages.


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