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Chemex Ottomatic Review

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Chemex Ottomatic Review

As you are well aware, there are countless different drippers available on the market and most of them are excellent, while some are even better. Now is the time to discuss the Chemex Ottomatic review and try to explain why this dripper is something completely different from all others you may have come across.

Features of Chemex Ottomatic

Pour over coffee maker with automatic feature

The first thing we will have to mention is the different base of this unit. It is a pour-over coffee maker which is paired with automatic features as well. What this means is that users get the best of both worlds and the coffee is just impressive in the lack of a better word.

Some of you will appreciate the fact that this allows for you to focus your attention into the entire process and make a cup of coffee you are going to love. For others, this is simply a pour over coffee maker which offers added simplicity and practicality.

Impressive design

The design is the main and the most impressive advantage of the Chemex Ottomatic. The entire unit is well-made, the attention to details is impressive no less and the entire unit looks extremely elegant. It is known that this model suits well in all kitchens and matches all possible home decors. In an average home, it will stand out and impress your guests, while in other homes it will blend in perfectly.

The bottom line here is that this coffee maker is just right for all of you and it will be one of the best choices you can possibly make. If you have been looking for a coffee maker that looks 100% original, this one is just right for you.

Impressive materials

The entire unit is made of glass and stainless steel. These are durable and elegant materials which can make a difference in presenting this coffee maker to your friends. You will also like looking at it, due to the fact it looks truly remarkable.

There is no need in telling you that these materials are also extremely durable and strong so this model will last as long as you need it and it is resistant to wear and tear. In essence, you are going to get the best-looking and the most durable coffee maker out there.

Pulsating feature

Here we have one interesting feature. The hot water will be ejected with pulses so it will reach all coffee beans equally and it will make the coffee tastes better than ever before. It is one of a kind feature seen on drippers and it has a positive effect on the taste and aroma of coffee.

We were impressed by this system so we compared the dripper with others, conventional models. The bottom line is that we got stronger coffee and almost all coffee beans were used in the brewing process.

Automatic heating

Here we can see another, advanced feature. The system will automatically turn on the heating beneath the glass carafe in order to keep coffee warm as long as you need it. It will be stopped in a case you grab the carafe or if you start the brewing process again.

In a nutshell, this system is a masterpiece and it will make sure your coffee is always ready to be consumed and it will stay warm indefinitely. It isn’t the best way to save electricity, but it is an impressive feature for all of you who like hot coffee at any given moment.

Glass carafe

The carafe is made of high-quality glass and it matches the rest of the unit perfectly. We liked the looks of it and we liked the design. The glass carafe is a masterpiece which is more than just a great addition to this coffee maker and we believe it is a game changer.

45 seconds needed for brewing

The Chemex Ottomatic requires 45 seconds for the brewing process to be completed, which is an excellent score. It definitely isn’t one of the fastest models out there, but it is quick. This also means that you can enjoy the entire process before it becomes boring.


  • Manufacturer: Chemex
  • Model: Ottomatic
  • Materials: Stainless steel and glass
  • Filters: Yes, included
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.5 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 10.2 pounds


  • Excellent taste of coffee
  • Pulsating feature
  • Automatic heating
  • Quick


  • Uses plenty of electricity
  • Complicated cleaning

Should I buy one?

We hope that our Chemex Ottomatic review explains all what you have to know about this particular model. You should buy it if you are looking for an extraordinary dripper coffee machine or simply if you like the design and looks of it.


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